³Nowak shows that traditional orthodoxy¹s gradual distancing from, and distortion of, the revelatory event to which it claims allegiance is a human phenomenon, replicated in other fields of endeavour including the history of philosophy, the mundane world of geology and the more intimate world of the family where conscious and unconscious dynamics work to suppress dark family secrets.

² David Bakan,
Professor of Psychology Emeritus,
York University

³Miriam of Nazareth is stunning in its insights and implications as well as aesthetically and emotionally compelling.²

³ Donald Capps,
Princeton Theological Seminary

"Nowak has written a stunningly provocative book. While highly original in its methodology, in its insights and in its major findings, Miriam of Nazareth: Who Can Find Her? has reploughed some of the best known fields in the Bible narratives. Her persuasive, explosive conclusions about the irregular births of Moses, John the Baptist and, in particular, Jesus Christ, will shock Jews and Christians alike. The entire Bible has to be re-read in the light of her findings.

Nowak's work is fresh, thorough, and exciting. It's a must read for Jewish and Christian Bible scholars alike. Miriam of Nazareth makes the Quest for the Historical Jesus take a back seat for a while to the long-neglected search for the historical Miriam...and Miriam (Mary), the Mother of Jesus."

Tom Harpur
Best-selling author, theologian,
and Toronto Star columnist.