>Rethinking Global Sisterhood:
Western Feminism and Iran

Nima Naghibi
University of Minnesota Press

> Jesus and Yahweh: The Names Divine
Harold Bloom
Riverhead Books

> Don’t Know Much About Mythology:
Everything You Need to Know About the Greatest
Stories in Human History but Never Learned
Kenneth C. Davis
Harper Collins

> When They Severed Earth from Sky:
How the Human Mind Shapes Myth
Elizabeth Wayland Barber & Paul T. Barber
Princeton University Press

> Look for Me
Edeet Ravel
Random House of Canada Ltd

> Shake Hands with the Devil :
The failure of humanity in Rwanda
by Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire
with Major Brent Beardsley

> A Terrible Love of War
by James Hillman

> The Pagan Christ:
Recovering the Lost Light
By Tom Harpur

A Flesh-and-Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother
By Lesley Hazleton

> An Adoration
By Nancy Huston

> Sex, Time and Power:
How Women’s Sexuality Shaped Human Evolution
By Leonard Shlain

> Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism
By Douglas Rushkoff

> Beyond Belief
By Elaine Pagels

> A Virgin Conceived: Mary and Classical Representations of Virginity
By Mary F. Foskett

> Mary of Nazareth
By Jenny Robertson

> Where She Was Standing
By Maggie Helwing